EndoCV2022 paticipation rules:

  • Each participant must join challenge and send filled data agreement form. Please remember to fill all parts with enough details.
  • Any part of data post online or offline is not allowed pre/post challenge unless otherwise mentioned and released publicly.
  • Adhere to the code of conduct of EndoCV. Disrespect to challenge organisers or fellow participants may result in elimination from this challenge and upcoming challenges in the series.
  • EndoCV keeps the right to remove/eliminate teams at any point if they find any dispute, disrespectful emails, provocations, unnecessary email flood, wrong results on leaderboard and so forth. Such teams will be eliminated without requiring to clarify further stating "Breach of conduct found".  (New!!! Please read all rules carefully!!!)

Joint paper paticipation rules/protocol:

  • At least one author has to be the first author from the proceeding. Only two co-authors will be allowed that should be justifiable on contribution to the work conducted.
  • You need to be directly involved in method development, method comparison, writing as co-author on EndoCV2022 proceeding (bringing funding does not justify involvement!)
  • You must actively work on joint-paper together with organisers.
  • Your team's results on the leaderboard must be valid and any discrepancy can result in elimination directly 
  • Co-authors can be only those who are substantially involved in the challenge. This includes, annotations, reviews, major contribution in writing and compilation of results. EndoCV works at highest ethical standard and do not support co-authorships based on superiority.
  • Your score must be within top 5 ranking on the leaderboard and on unseen data
  • Any misconduct will disqualify teams at any time revoking them from journal participation. See here for details: Code_of_conduct (EndoCV)
  • Decisions made by organisers will be final.